'D. D. Blanchard' Magnolia



Name: Magnolia grandiflora (D.D. Blanchard Magnolia)
Size: 40′ – 50′ height x 20′ – 30′ spread
Habit Of Growth: Ovate (Upright as a juvinile)
Light: Full Sun for best density and flowering – will grow in part sun
Soil: Rich, well drained and fertile soil for best growth, but will tolerate a wide range of soils. (Does not tolerate chronically wet and poorly drained soils.)
Water: Moderate for best growth
Cold Tolerance: Zones 7 – 10
Landscape Uses: Street tree – specimen – screen
Special Attributes: Large green glossy leaves with brown pubescence on underside of leaves – large (8″+-) white flowers which are very fragrant.



Magnolia grandiflora can grow up to 40 – 50′ tall x 20 with a spread of 30′. 

Soil Requirements

Rich, well drained and fertile soil for best growth, but will tolerate a wide range of soils.

Water Requirements

For the best possible growth use moderate watering. (Does not tolerate chronically wet and poorly drained soils.)

Habit of Growth

Full sun for best density and flowering is recommended but  will also grow in part sun.
Dressed with dynamic foliage that illuminates the landscape, the Blanchard Magnolia is an irresistible choice throughout southern landscapes.

The foliage is glossy dark green contrasted with stunning bronze undersides with a hint of orange. This cultivar seems to be eminently proud of the undersides of its foliage by the way it turns its undersides for full viewing. When there is a slight breeze, the beauty of the foliage is even more compelling to the eye, causing one to pause and absorb unequaled beauty. The winter foliage loses some of the brilliance, but all in all, excellent foliage is maintained throughout the year. Flowers are not overly abundant and appear for a short period of time.

Tree structure is usually central leader dominant with well spaced major branching that yields a loose pyramidal form. The growth habit is adaptable to be grown full to the ground or with a clear trunk when visibility is desired.

DD Blanchard Magnolia Flower

DD Blanchard Magnolia Foliage

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